When The President Want Cha…

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In the above clip watch as Mike Jone..Who?…Mike..no, not that Mike Jones; instead watch the random fiance of a woman who just happened to have the good fortune of filling out her Chicago mid year election form next to the President Of The United States, Barack Obama – tell the presdient:

Mr. President don’t touch my girlfriend

To this the POTUS responded in a manner that lets you know he’s definitely dealt with some over protective suckers in his lifetime



I wasn’t planning on it

Some small talk between the President and the highly embarrassed fiance Aia Cooper ensued.  It was all in good fun as Obama finished the appearance up by later hugging Copper

and insisting

“On the cheek, just the cheek — please, Michelle, don’t come after me — just the cheek!” 

Following up with

“Now, he’s really jealous,”


Spencer once met a girl while voting, she was cute, but she voted for Bush, so… you know .  

Spencer Stein – @sjeezs 


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