Poetic justice

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The NYPD’s Internal Affairs Bureau and the office of the District Attorney are investigating an NYPD officer after a video–the events of which took place in January–of said officer kicking his colleague, a fellow officer in uniform, in the head thinking he was a suspect recently surfaced online. In the video, one police officer (in uniform) physically takes a suspected farebeater down to the ground on the train platform of the Coney Island Stillwell Ave. subway station following a brief verbal dispute. During the subsequent struggle–it’s very hard to tell by looking at the video whether or not the suspect was resisting arrest or whether the suspect and the officer were merely tied up due to the awkward takedown–several other police officers stormed through the emergency exit of the platform. The lone officer in plainclothes approached the struggling officer and suspect, and purposely kicked who he thought was the suspect in the head. A nearby woman is heard in the video saying, “he kicked the cop!” The video continues on to show multiple cops engaging with the suspect in an attempt to get him in handcuffs and on his feet, but the plainly clothed officer clearly understood the possible consequences of his actions, considering he paused during the detainment to check on the cop to make sure he was okay. The interesting angle of it all, is that was supposed to be the suspect with the newly inflicted headache.

The officer has been stripped of his badge and gun, and placed on “modified duty” according to DNAinfo.