Harry Potter is laughing straight to the bank

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Heat Magazine recently published their annual “richest entertainers under 30” list, and listed One Direction in the number one slot with an estimated worth of $125 million. However, Harry Potter has got something to say about that. Daniel Radcliffe, who gained worldwide recognition after playing the lead character in all 8 of the film adaptations of J.K. Rowling’s best-selling Harry Potter book series, currently has an estimated worth of $102 million, and pointed out that there should be an asterisk next to 1D’s name on the list.

There’s five of them! That doesn’t count! Not that I care but I am definitely first!

That’s what Radcliffe reportedly said back to Heat Magazine after the list was published. Other entertainers who made the list are Twilight‘s Robert Pattinson ($82.89 million), Adele ($58.45 million) and Calvin Harris ($46.47 million).