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Lewinsky addresses the Internet and its contribution to making her name so well known at the Forbes Summit

Forbes  held its “30 Under 30” summit in Philadelphia in celebration of the youngest minds in around 15 different fields this October.  On this momentous occasion, Forbes decided that their guest speaker would be none other than Monica Lewinsky.  During her speech, Lewinsky addressed how the Internet and the mass media inflated her scandal and made her a household name.  In the earlier portion of her speech she pokes a little fun of how her reputation is used in pop culture when she said,


“Some of you might be asking, ;Who the hell is she, this Monica, and what is she doing here?’ or maybe even, ‘What is she doing in all of those rap lyrics?’  Thank you Beyoncé, and Eminem, and Nicki Minaj, and Kid Cudi, Lil B, and Lil Wayne and of course G-Eazy.  But let’s not forget Jeezy and all the rest.”

Lewinsky then talks about the details about what happened during her scandal and how her world was turned upside down.  She describes the feeling of embarrassment she felt during this whole trial and how during the course of the trial there were two Monica Lewinskys, one being the figure that everyone in the public knew, and the figure that is giving the speech at the summit.   She then speaks about how the Internet can be used to take a person’s personal and put it in the public eye bringing an example of a Rutger’s student who was filmed having an intimate moment with another person.  With this sensitive information being leaked, this student was not able to handle thing  and sadly ended his life.  The entirety of the speech was a powerful one describing how the Internet is used to turn private moments public.  She ended her speech with

“Oscar Wilde wrote: ‘I have said that behind sorrow there is always sorrow. If were wiser still to say that behind sorrow there is always a soul.  And to mock at a soul in pain is a dreadful thing”

She finished in agreement with Wilde saying,

 “My feelings, exactly.”


-Vinesh Vora