NBA fans have come to expect the highly dynamic play of Steve Nash to help which ever team the journeyman finds himself on for that given season; his ability to run the floor and make his teammates remarkably better has been well documented. Unfortunately, basketball may have just lost one of its shining stars. The Los Angeles Lakers and a representative from Nash’s camp have confirmed that the guard, whose tenure with the team has already been rocky, will have to sit out of the 2014-2015, as the back issues that plagued him in the past year make him unable to play.

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Nash, 40, has previously admitted that this might be his last season in the NBA, which makes this news even more emotional. The once great Phoenix Sun has found himself on the wrong side of a battle with Father Time and must now ask himself an important question: is it time to hang up the jersey and walk away from the game. Nash’s body cannot withstand the old wear and tear that is necessary for his style of play, foretelling more serious problems for the guard down the rode.

Only he can answer this question, but either way it is a serious setback for the impeccable athlete. If does retire, Nash would have been the only MVP, in the history of the NBA, to have never played in the Finals; a haunting fact.



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