“Laggies” caters to the vulnerable skepticism that lies underneath all of us as this coming-of-age journey is reflected from a melodramatic comedy directed by Lynn Shelton.

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Keira Knightley plays Megan, a middle aged bride to be, friend, and daughter who deals with the quintessential dilemmas of living confined to her past. Megan goes through the tribulations of looking into her parent’s marriage, keeping up with her best friends, and handling past feelings from her high school sweetheart. As Megan “floats” in her life’s dilemmas, she unintentionally meets Annika (Chloë Grace Moretz) and her friends and becomes entangled in a journey to finding herself. This film takes the perspective from another generation’s looking glass in discovering the fidelities of life.

Together, both help each other mend together the missing pieces of their lives, and what comes of this is a unconventional puzzle they both discover. The movie’s plot moves the audience layer by layer in unraveling the honest truths about the human condition. The cast is wonderfully put together in dynamics of comedic relief and cynicism making the plot all the more authentic and representative of our lives. We all want to satisfy, indulge, and satiate ourselves in life’s struggles and accords. This is a must watch film this season just in time for the somber and doleful transition into winter.


The A24 release “Laggies” is now playing.

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