The Halloween season is perfect timing for “Ouija” a creepy horror film directed by  Stiles White.

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The story follows young Laine (Olivia Cooke) as she tries to piece together her best friend, Debbie’s (Shelley Hannig) death. She explores the spirits within Debbie’s house with a group of friends through a Ouija board. As a group, they asked the spirits questions in order to solve the mystery of Debbie’s death, but instead are haunted by the dark spirits which reside in the house.

It is up to Laine and her friends to quickly figure out the mysteries of the spirit board before it’s too late. The movie is full of jump scares and terrifying characters that will have you screaming. Careful though, because some of the jump scares are benign figures meant to play with the audience’s emotions and heart rate. The cast did a terrific job with their roles and enacting emotions. Their scared looks matched those of the audience perfectly. The film hits theaters today to kick off Halloween week.