Watch what happens when celebrities shine their spotlights on their personal heroes. 

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Executive producer Zoe Saldana presents a new inspirational 10-episode series called “My Hero”. Launched by AOL Originals, “My Hero” premieres October 24 at midnight and takes an in-depth look at the people who have inspired some of Hollywood’s biggest celebrities. “My Hero” is Saldana’s way of paying tribute to her own hero: her mother. Some of the A-listers featured on the series include:  “Dancing With The Stars'” Maria Menounos, Nick Cannon, “Teen Wolf ” star Tyler Posey, Mary Lambert and many more. The real highlight of the series is watching the “heroes” heartfelt reaction to their acknowledgment. The first episode features Saldana and her sisters Cisely and Mariel coming together to honor the woman that taught them how to overcome adversity.



-Nishat Baig