Fresh of her performance at the Revolt Music Conference, Jhene Aiko hosted IVY with Hennessy V.S last friday night.

Arriving fashionably late at 2:30am with a group of friends, she requested bottles of Hennessy brought to her table and then hopped on the mic performing a song off her new album for the crowd including Flo-Rida and Busta Rhymes.

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Photo Credit: B Cruz & IVY

Hennessy V.S took over DC during Homecoming weekend. The festivities kicked off on Thursday night at Shadowroom where Pusha T hung out in the VIP and DJ booth drinking Hennessy cocktails. Howard University alums Lance Gross and Olympic Gold Medalists David Oliver were also in attendance. Washington Wizard John Wall and Washington Redskins DeSean Jackson also partied with Hennessy V.S during Homecoming weekend. Jackson came out to Josephine friday night with a group of 20 in tow, jumped on the mic to wish everyone a Happy Homecoming and popped multiple bottles. On Saturday, Wall and his crew arrived at the Rosebar day party at 6:30pm and were greeted with Hennessy V.S bottle parade. Closing out the day, Mack Wilds made a special appearance and performed his hit single “Hennessy.”


Photo Credit: Stanley Monickam

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