The Walking Dead continued last night with extreme gore and surprise tactics leaving us wondering if transitioning to being a vegan is the way to go. Here are ‘s top moments of season 5 episode 3!

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1. Gareth decides to explain to Bob why the Terminus group grilled his leg up and ate it. Bob begins to laugh hysterically. “You guys are so stupid, I’ve been bitten.” He screams, “Tainted meat! You guys ate tainted meat!” How’s that for instant karma?

2. The group discovers Bob, Carol and Daryl are missing and decide to blame the preacher man. Rick brings up the threatening message on the wall and forces Gabriel to tell them what he has done. He shares that the church congregation came to the church looking for safety and the good pastor locked everyone out as they begged him for mercy. Gabriel should know that God does not like ugly. Smh.


3. Rick and Sasha discover Bob outside who details them of his encounter with the cannibals from Terminus. Bob also reveals he’s been bitten much to Sasha’s dismay. Poor Bob, that bloated walker totally ruined his love life.

4. As Bob dies in the pastor’s office he continues to see the silver lining in the sky. Sasha is disappointed Bob kept his bite from her. He shares that he knew she would be focused on the end instead of the middle. Bob left us with one jewel before exiting stage left.

5. Rick leads some of the group to find Gareth and his cronies at the nearby school, but Gareth shows up to the remaining members who were left at at the church. Threatening the pastor and church group, Gareth gives the group one last chance before Rick comes in guns-a-blazing. Gareth gives up and Rick, Sasha, and Abraham go on a wild killing spree finishing off the Terminus crew in a violent way that scares the pastor and Tyreese. “This is God’s home!” The pastor exclaims. “No its 4 walls and a roof.” Maggie insists. Tyreese and the pastor are too timid to survive the apocalypse, we shall see.

6. Bob requests to speak to Rick and informs him that he gave up on humanity until he met Rick who took him into the group. He thanks him and Sasha returns to watch him take his last breath. Bob definitely became more endearing during his last episode.

7. Michonne sits on the steps talking to the pastor when they hear a noise in the bush. The pastor quickly runs back into the church while Michonne draws her sword she regained from a dead Terminus worker. She smiles with relief when she discovers Daryl and asks, “Where’s Carol?” right as the episode ends…. But where is Beth??

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