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The Cash Money boss weighs in on the YM awkwardness

In 2 and a half weeks, Tyga went from criticizing the way Young Money has handled his upcoming album, The Gold Album: 18th Dynasty, to criticizing two of his labelmates, calling Drake “fake,” and admitting he never really had a relationship with Nicki Minaj. Since then, all involved have kept pretty quiet about the situation–sans one of Drake’s closest friends uploading a Tyga parody to Instagram–and finally Birdman, the man who signed everyone involved along with Lil Wayne, spoke on it briefly last night with Funkmaster Flex.


Birdman was on Hot 97 with Young Thug and Rich Homie Quan promoting the release of Rich Gang 2, the upcoming album from Birdman’s new collective, which will feature Young Thug, Rich Homie Quan, Lil Wayne and more. During his short conversation with Flex, Birdman had this to say about the Tyga situation.

Tyga knows where he stands in this game, compared to Drake. That ain’t no secret. You heard me. Them numbers don’t lie…if we keeping it 1000. He might be in his feelings and I got all the love and respect for Tyga, that’s my lil’ bro. But I’m family orientated. Either you in or you out, if you out, you an outcast to me. If you in we family. It’s on you to choose your side. To me, it ain’t no on and off switch with me. Either you with us or you ain’t. You know, you got to choose a side. But you know it’s always respect for Tyga. I got nothing but respect for Tyga.

In the interview, Flex makes reference to a record he doesn’t think Tyga would’ve made had he not entered this “beef” with Drake, “Make It Work,” which was released yesterday morning. In the song, Tyga subliminally disses Drizzy, which doesn’t help his case within the YMCMB camp, but it sure is a banger. Your move Drizzy.


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