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Danny Brown clearly DGAF

In an interview with The Huffington Post during New York City’s CMJ week, Danny Brown clued a writer in to the fact that he has intricate plans for his new album, the follow-up to his best and most critically-acclaimed work yet, Old. According to Danny, the album will be shorter than Old, for very specific reasons.

It’s probably going to be a shorter release than normal because I’m trying to glance perfection with this one. With previous projects I had to branch out and show my range. But with this one, I feel like people know what I can do and what I’m capable of, so now it’s just time for me to show that I can make perfect.

In addition to his new album initiative, Brown also revealed his particular opinion on his rapping talents.


I still don’t feel like I have the respect I deserve. I’m the best rapper ever and I need to be respected.

More often than not, when a rapper says this, it’s usually shameless promotion for their upcoming album, but Brown more than likely means it. His unique lyrics, delivery and song-writing skills certainly place him a head and shoulders above a large part of the competition, and off the strength of Old, we’re sure he feels like he doesn’t have a ceiling. Still, there are probably quite a few Biggie, Jay Z and Nas fans that are side-eyeing the Detroit native right now.

Details on Danny’s new album are very scarce right now–he hasn’t so much as published a title for it as yet–but he can be sure of one thing. If there were a lot of eyes on his new release before, he’s got everyone’s attention now.