Kim Kardashian and Kanye West‘s daughter North West has become one of the most high-profiled children in history. The 1-year old fashionista has appeared on the news countless times before she even left the womb, and her parents make sure she is in matching frocks like her mother while keeping it edgy like her father. But will her style as a toddler allow her to take over the family’s fashion business one day?

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As of right now, Kim is unsure.

During her latest interview with ITN, the fashion icon let it be known that she would love for her daughter to run the show. After mentioning the recent takeoff of her modeling career, the interviewer asked Mrs. Kardashian-West if she would let North lend her hand in the design of her future collections, to which Kim stated:


“I would, if she has good style. She’d have to prove herself. She’d have to show me that she wants to work. But that would be in years, and years and years. We have some time.”

Well, she’s already well on her way to becoming a huge mini socialite, but we’ll wait until she turns two to make any more assumptions. Watch the full interview below.

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