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With the success of OG Maco, the OGG collective is ready to show the world their vision and creative talents. Rapper OG Brylan, co-founder of OGG, has been laying low for a while to hit the internet with a crazy visual to his song “Robin Givens”. OGG stands for Originality Gains Greatness and this video directed by GoldRush with the help of Brylan himself proves it.


The visual contains cool scenes from the classic film “Boomerang” and trippy editing effects as Brylan roams through Brooklyn.  OG Brylan’s style is the polar opposite of  Maco’s but manages to give the same amount of energy. OGG has more surprises on the way that will demand everyone’s attention.  Be on the look out for their short film entitled “Days in the Life of OGG: The Culture” which will give fans a full understanding of the dynamics of OGG and their overall movement that will be releasing soon.

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