Beyonce’s (unauthorized) story is finally being told.

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We’ve seen Beyonce evolve throughout her career, and we may think we pretty much know everything about her life, thanks to the ever so nosy paparazzi and “sources” who spill her tea to the blogs…but how well do we really know our Queen B?  According to Time, there’s an unauthorized Beyonce bio in the works.  The book is to be written by J. Randy Taraborrelli, who is famous for his biographies on singers Madonna, Frank Sinatra, Diana Ross, and Michael Jackson.

The biography will focus on all aspects of Bey’s life, from growing up in Houston, Texas to becoming one of the biggest entertainers in the world, all while being a wife & a mother.  We wonder if she’s finally going to address the Jay Z Solange elevator incident or her secret siblings.


The bio is set to hit stores in fall 2015, and we bet it’s going to be juicy.

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