The Florida native is setting the world on it’s ears with his love for Ferraris 

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They say that there are pros & cons when it comes to being co-signed by a NFL player but rapper Young AC manages to make it work as he is signed to Asante Samuel‘s Deepside Entertainment. We got the chance to sit down with the rapper as he talks his upcoming mixtape, Enzo F60, his single, “So Good”, and the three words to describe his music. 

Check out the interview below. 


How did you get discovered by Asante Samuel?

Young AC: Basically, I knew him coming up from my area. People that I was dealing with they were close friends growing up. We eventually bump heads and came down here to check out the situation. He liked what was going on and he wanted to be more involved. He signed me and he took care of the situation. He had me ever since.

In three words, how would you describe your music?

Y.AC: I would say soulful, aggressive, and real

What is it like having an NFL player backing you up?

Y.AC: He don’t want to be a rapper, he has more of a business aspect of it. He’s not trying to be all seen. He’s more on the CEO aspect and I respect him more for that.

Tell us about your mixtape, Enzo F60.

Y.AC: Enzo F60 is the next project and it just overdrive how I line it up. I’m doing levels with Ferrari cars. Tipo815 was my first mixtape & it was the first Ferrari ever created and DJ Holliday hosted my last one, Barchetta 166. Enzo F60 has the motor that would never perished. So this time around, I’m going full throttle.

Tell us about your single, “So Good”?

Y.AC: It’s produced by FM. I recorded the song lithree years ago but they just now putting it out this year. I don’t know they decided to put it out..which is a feel good record. The energy from there or not died you know.

When can we expect your debut album?

Y.AC: I don’t know. I’m having fun right now with this one, however the label wants to call it. You always want to have music that is accessible , anything that’s like an album. As far as in stores, I can’t slow down for that campaign, so you know I have to keep it moving by staying on soundcloud, Instagram, and Twitter.

Make sure that you download his mixtape, Enzo F60 on Datpiff now and follow him on social media on both Twitter & Instagram at @YoungAC954.

-Matia (@ms_hip_hop)