Is Aaron Rodgers subconsciously sabotaging his opponents?

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There are freak injuries, and then there’s this. The infamous championship belt dance, which is now known as the Discount Double Check celebration thanks to a series of comedic Aaron Rodgers/State Farm commercials, is currently responsible for the torn ACLs of two defensive players: The Chicago Bears’ Lamarr Houston, and the Detroit Lions’ Stephen Tulloch. Both players play for NFC North teams, the same division as Rodgers. You can watch short video clips of how both players suffered their injuries below. The coincidence is startling.


The third element to this story, is the fact that a State Farm representative actually commented on this, and took the opportunity to promote the actual Discount Double Check–a State Farm mechanism designed to save customers money on their insurance–in the process. Her statement read as follows.

It’s very unfortunate that these players injured themselves while celebrating, but it is our belief that the Discount Double Check is not inherently dangerous. In fact, it can be used to help you save money on insurance when performed correctly. We encourage all athletes to celebrate responsibly.

In the meantime, we actually hope that Houston and Tulloch have full recoveries, but the disappointing reality is that they’re both more than likely done playing football for the rest of the season.