You know the drill!

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Most Sunday’s you’re rolling out of bed, running errands, grabbing a meal with family, attending your place of worship all in enough time to catch NFL football on the big screen.

With half of the NFL season over, catching up on breaking news on ESPN’s NFL Countdown, one of the most trusted programs, is a must.


After all, ya gotta make sure your fantasy football picks for the week are ON LOCK!

In the process of getting up to date football news, did you happen to notice the weekly “The Journey” spoken word session on NFL Countdown?

Meet Yaw, the spoken word lyricist who performs, “The Journey” on ESPN every Sunday afternoon. Along with the accompaniment of Grammy nominated violinist, Josh Vietti. “The Journey” chronicles the ups and downs that both players and coaches encounter throughout the NFL season leading to the ultimate goal—a Super Bowl title.

In addition to appearing weekly on the Worldwide leader, Yaw is also in streets poppin that heat—lyrical heat, that is.

Recently dropping his sophomore album titled Hump Day in September, Yaw is happy that he’s able to forge the balancing act of putting out his own project while also appearing on TV weekly. “It’s helped a ton,” Yaw tells The Source.

“I have more of a following now.  People see me on TV on a weekly basis and say ‘Who is that’ or ‘I wonder what else he does. And that’s when the Google searches start.”

The Hump Day EP addresses topical issues between men and women such as courting, one night stands, infidelity, and being in love.  The album dovetails his first installment, titled Entry Level and discusses relevant experiences of a male breaking into the corporate arena. The album samples from soul classics with an infusion of pop. “It’s a very versatile album,” said Yaw.

“It can be played at house parties, lounges, and even at a wine and cheese party.”  

Check Out Hump Day on iTunes and  Bandcamp and enjoy Week 9 of the NFL season!