October 27 to October 31, 2014


Schneiderman Arrests Oswego Couple Charged With Stealing From Elderly Veteran

Attorney General Schneiderman announced felony charges against an Oswego County husband and wife accused of abusing power of attorney to steal over $200,000 from an 84-year-old woman, allegedly using the money to amount over $100,000 in gambling debts, purchases at Victoria’s Secret and assorted transactions on iTunes, Ebay and Facebook. The victim, Colonel (Ret.) Irene Dennison, spent nearly 25 years serving in the United States Air Force, retiring in 1982 as a full colonel. She was instrumental in helping to negotiate the 1973 release of Senator John McCain when he was a P.O.W. in Vietnam. If found guilty, both defendants could face up 20 years each in prison.

Schneiderman Promotes High School Initiative To Combat Grandparent Scam

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This week, Attorney General Schneiderman launched his office’s new program, “Grandkids Against The Grandparent Scam,” to help prevent unsuspecting seniors from being victimized by this all-too common scam. The initiative, which includes a new and easy-to-read brochure, aims at educating students about the scam and empowering them to talk to their parents and grandparents about the swindle. The program and brochure were introduced at Ossining High School.

Schneiderman Helps Eliminate Barriers To Learning At Three Higher-Education Institutions

Attorney General Schneiderman announced agreements with St. John’s University, Dowling College and Five Towns College to amend their admissions policies and practices with respect to applicants’ prior contact with law enforcement. The agreements ensure that each school will refrain from inquiring about irrelevant information regarding contacts with the criminal justice system, including arrests that did not lead to conviction, sealed or expunged records, or pardoned records. Such questions disproportionately and illegally disadvantaged African-American and Hispanic men, who are more likely than white men to be stopped, detained, and arrested by police for minor misconduct.


Schneiderman Secures Agreement Shuttering Company That Harassed New York City Tenants

Attorney General Schneiderman took action against unlicensed tenant relocator Michel Pimienta, reaching an agreement requiring him to cease all operations. The agreement was secured following an investigation that revealed Pimienta operated illegally, harassing rent-stabilized tenants living in three New York City buildings. Tenant relocators are increasingly common in New York, and particularly in gentrifying areas in New York City where some landlords are seeking to reduce rent-regulated housing and increase rents. This agreement is part of the Attorney General’s ongoing initiative to combat harassment and discrimination faced by tenants in affordable housing units across New York State.

Two Years After Sandy, Schneiderman Recommits To Making New York Stronger Than Ever

On this anniversary of Hurricane Sandy‘s landfall on the Eastern seaboard, Attorney General Schneiderman praised the “significant progress” in building back our state stronger than before, but reminded that many New Yorkers are still struggling to get back on their feet. While the Attorney General has helped New Yorkers overcome the challenges posed by Sandy – from cracking down on dozens of price gougers to ensuring charitable funds raised by Sandy relief have been used for Sandy relief – he recommitted to using every tool at his disposal “to fight for justice for every New Yorker.”

Schneiderman And State Coalition Challenge Rules Governing Continued Storage Of Nuclear Waste In Our Communities

Joined by the Attorneys General of Connecticut and Vermont, Attorney General Schneiderman challenged recently issued Nuclear Regulatory Commission rules, arguing that the rules represent a continued failure by the NRC to fully assess environmental, public health and safety risks of long-term waste storage at nuclear power plants, including Indian Point. Attorney General Schneiderman emphasized that he will continue to fight to ensure New Yorkers receive “the full and detailed accounting of the risks” of long-term, on-site nuclear waste storage.

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In Other News…

The Attorney General sat down with members of the African-American media in New York City.

Attorney General Schneiderman wished all New Yorkers a fun and safe Halloween.

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