Les femmes sont au centre de tout.
If the French threw you off, let me explain: women are the center of EVERYTHING- and no, I’m not just saying that. Women like Queen Latifah, Maya Angelou and Frida Kahlo are proven examples of women throughout time who have changed the game in their respective fields, and streetwear/lifestyle brand SUPEREGO agrees, making strong, powerful women the focus of their latest seasonal collection.
“Throughout history women have been the heroes of humanity. Despite what textbooks decide to display we know the truth.”-Superego Clothiers
Their new Holiday ’14 Collection is filled with crewnecks and tees based around #EverydayQueens. From their “Fragments of a Queen” design to their Nefertiti Map, the brand is keeping in mind their purpose of changing “the very fabric of reality” and representing woman who have made strides years and years on end. Click here to check out all of their Holiday pre-sale items, and make sure to use the code ‘EveryDayQueens’ for 15% off all of their new threads.
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