Talk about a second chance

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Mark Sanchez was supposed to be the Jets franchise quarterback for the next decade. The highly touted quarterback from USC, drafted 5th in the 2009 NFL Draft, became a part of the Jets organization at a very dire time for the team, who had just endured a nightmare second half of the 2008 season thanks to the collapse of Brett Favre‘s command, and initially, it appeared that he was the golden child. He led the Jets to two AFC Championship games in his first two seasons in the league, but his decline shortly after was quick and painful, highlighted by the now infamous “butt-fumble” that all but solidified his eventual exit from the team. The Jets’ decision to draft Geno Smith in the 2nd round of the 2013 NFL Draft accentuated that, and Sanchez was released.


The Eagles were clowned for their decision to quickly scoop up Sanchez to play back-up to Nick Foles, but no one’s laughing now. Foles suffered a broken collarbone during yesterday’s game against the Texans, and Mark Sanchez came in the game and flawlessly led a touchdown drive.

While this is happening, the Jets are choosing between two disasters–Geno Smith and a still-warming-up Michael Vick–to start at quarterback. There’s no telling how many times Sanchez watched Jets vs Chiefs highlights and laughed, but he’d better focus because Philadelphia is the city of brotherly love. Until it isn’t.