As genres continue to bend beyond recognition, you have to wonder who is behind the uniquely undeniable wave. One such group is Future Brown. Composed of Fatima al Qadiri, Nguzunguzu (Daniel Pineda and Asma Maroof), and J-Cush, the collective recently signed to independent trendsetters, Warp Records. Their production explores sounds that are becoming more accepted in Hip-Hop, stateside (finally), introducing some real Grime to the scene. For their first EP release on Warp, they include 4 tracks. The original “Wanna Party” track features Chicago’s Tink (closely working with Timbaland) and the remix includes an additional verse from New Orleans’ 3D Na’Tee. For “World’s Mine,” they worked with Prince Rapid and Dirty Danger of East London’s legendary Ruff Sqwad, and Roll Deep’s Roachee. Check out our short interview with the group below and stream the EP after that via Spotify.

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Also, be on the look out for their full LP, early next year.

How long have you guys known each other and how does that affect how you work with each other?


The four of us have known each other for about four years, but Asma and Daniel have known each other for eight. Everyone comes from their own place in music circling different but related orbits, so there is real mutual respect between us. The desire to create music for vocalists drives the Future Brown project forward.

You can buy your digital copy of the EP on iTunes and a physical one on Bleep.

Future Brown gets its name from a color that is not found in nature. How does that reflect in your music or the mission of the group? Are you providing something that the world is missing?

We’re making music that we love. It is the natural amalgamation of our ideas and influences; Reggaeton meets Grime, Bop crosses over with Dancehall and Kuduro. Everyone is excited by new, unusual and forward-thinking sounds. Similar to the color that doesn’t actually exist in nature, we like genres that when fused together become something new. It’s for the listeners to decide if we’ve given them something the world is missing.

How is this EP different from the upcoming LP?

The EP is just a taste of the LP, a quick preview of what’s to come. The EP focuses on two tracks, including a remix of our single “Wanna Party” featuring Tink and an instrumental of our Grime track “World’s Mine”.

Why did you decide to have 3D on the remix to “Wanna Party”?

3D Na’Tee has been on our radar for a while – she’s an absurdly talented MC from New Orleans. She has really amazing word play, rhymes and flow. We worked with her on an album track and she did such a great job we knew her narratives and delivery would be a knock-out alongside Tink.

The logo for your group is strikingly similar to the Facebook logo. Am I just seeing things or is there a connection?

You’re just seeing things.

You can also catch them live if you’re in Italy or Florida:

11/7 – Club 2 Club – Turin, Italy

12/4 – PAMM Presents – Miami, FL

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