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He’s making a habit out of this, isn’t he

Last March, the 6’11” Deandre Jordan caught a lob pass from Chris Paul and threw down a monstrosity of a dunk on head and shoulders of Brandon Knight, a willing victim–considering he tried with all his might to alter Jordan’s path–of the apocalyptic end to that fateful play. Hey, for sh*ts and giggles, reminisce on it below.


So, last night, when Deandre Jordan set a high screen for Chris Paul and rolled to the basket, we’re sure there were more than a few people that clutched their chests inside The Staples Center, not to mention Brandon Knight, whose Milwaukee Bucks had an off night, was probably thanking whoever he prays to that his name wasn’t Rudy Gobert. Gobert didn’t catch it as bad as Knight did, evidenced by the deafening sound of Knight’s body hitting the ground, but the sheer force of Jordan’s flying biceps and triceps was enough to knock Gobert backwards while he was airborne, and send his body flying to the ground, in very Knight-esque fashion. The true awesome thing about last night’s clip, is the Clippers announcer who called the Gobert play with the same exact phrase he used to call the Knight play.

“The lob…the JAM!”