Dan Snyder could be flying a tad too close to the sun with this

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The Washington Redskins’ name has long been debated by several interest groups and communities who deem it to be a racist title and a mockery of Native American culture. Several petitions have been filed urging owner Dan Snyder to consider changing the team’s name to something less controversial, but he has stood firm in the face of such debate, and confidently shot down any chance of that happening. This time, he’s doing more than saying no, he’s suing the very people he’s been accused of offending.

According to a report from The Independent, the Redskins are suing a group of 5 Native Americans who successfully petitioned the U.S. Patent office to force the Redskins to cancel six of their trademark registrations due to “disparaging” use of the term “redskins”. Led by Amanda Blackhorse, the group has fought the Redskins and the US Patent Office for the past 8 years as part of their mission to have Snyder rename the team. According to the lawyer working with the Native Americans, the lawsuit should be thrown out because the Redskins’ actions are misguided. He postulates that they should take legal action against the U.S. Patent Office, which is with whom their real issues lie.