Wu-Tang is for the.. Election? 

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State Senator Wendy Davis had a big today as she putting the finishing touches on her bid to become Texas’s first new governor in 14 years.  But what caught many people’s attention today was her wardrobe.  Davis used the unmistakably iconic Wu-Tang Clan “W” for the design of her campaign shirts, and rocked the shirt’s -which instead of Wu Tang Clan, say “Wendy Davis”- proudly during today’s campaign activities.

Wendy Davis Texas Female governor candidate wu-tang clan wu tang rick perry wins loses t shirt


As of the time of this article’s posting (8:30 pm est 11/4) Davis, a democratic candidate was trailing behind republican Gregg Abbott by a solid margin, so were just going to hope that all the Wu heads in the area make one last rally cry in support of  Mrs. Davis.

We reached out to Davis to ask her why the choice for “W” designs, we will hopefully update your with her response soon.

She’s definitely got my vote. 

Spencer Stein – @sjeezs 


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