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What did he do to you?

Tony Allen is known for frustrating opposing offensive players with his tenacious and aggressive defensive mentality, but this onlooking cameraman wasn’t prepared to be swatted by the testy swingman. After being called for a foul in last night’s contest with the New Orleans Pelicans, Allen screamed towards the sideline, and promptly walked up to a cameraman and swatted his camera, and thought it’s unclear in the videotape, it appears that he smacked the cameraman himself. The man behind the lens began holding his face as if Allen struck him there, and while immediate consequences were not brought own on Allen last night, there’s no way Adam Silver is letting this slide.


It would be an unfortunate blemish on what’s been a great season for Allen and the Grizzlies so far. Memphis is currently one of only four undefeated teams (4-0) in the NBA, and Allen has averaged 5.5 rebounds over that stretch, which is way higher than normal for the Oklahoma State alumni.