A Manhattan federal judge recently ordered that Dash testify in a $7 million dollar lawsuit over royalties stemming from Roc-A-Fella Records logo, which plaintiff Dwayne Walker says he designed. Walker’s attorney continues to push for Jay Z to be forced to answer questions as well

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A member of the once mighty Roc-A-Fella army is going to have to testify under oath.

Plaintiff Dwayne Walker claims that he designed the infamous “R” logo, alleging that he inked a deal in 1994 with Dash and Jay Z, giving him $3,500 and 2% of company revenue for 10 years for the design. He states that he only got $3,500.


Jay Z’s attorney says that the rapper doesn’t remember Walker, and he would have never entered into an agreement including royalties.

Judge Ronald Ellis persisted that Dash, who is estimated to be worth about $2 million, appears to have the most knowledge on who designed the labels logo.

“The main actor is always the person who should be deposed first,” stated Ellis referring to Dash. “He appears to have had the most boots on the ground involvement in this.”
Ellis seemed inclined to avoid ordering Jay-Z to be deposed, but withheld judgement until after Dash’s testimony. “I remain at odds as to what exactly the nature of (Jay-Z’s) deposition would be,” Ellis said. “All this might be in a better light after Mr. Dash’s deposition.”

Walker’s attorney Greg Berry, continues to press for Jay Z to be forced to answer questions as well. “Mr. Carter is claiming he does not know where the Roc-A-Fella Records logo came from and it really strains credibility,” Berry said.

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