Take a look at our recap of the latest episode.

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As we get closer and closer to the finale of Scandal, the episodes are getting steamier and more outrageous!

This week we are introduced to Fitz’s endorsed United States Senator, who just so happens to be Abby‘s abusive ex-husband Charles– imagine how awkward that is for her! It got really intense at one point during the episode when Olivia found Abby underneath her desk with vomit on her dress and puffy, wet eyes. Liv came to her rescue (of course) and put on her white coat to help her, then began endorsing Charles’ opponent Susan.


Meanwhile, Quinn and Huck discovered that someone has been watching and taking photos of Olivia behind her back, a mystery they decide to hide from her as she juggles helping Abby, discovering the truth about Jake, and holding on to “hope” with Fitz. Fitz, who is calling her every night, is wondering what hope truly means for them- Mellie overhears one of their conversations and walks away.

Later in the episode Olivia finally gets approval to go to max security to visit Tom so she could confront him on who ordered him to kill the President’s son. Dodging her question at first, Tom decides to talk about Liv’s beauty and why everyone loves her, but ultimately ends up confessing to her that Jake ordered him- so of course Papa Pope finds out and pays Liv a visit. He tries to intimidate her about defying his words but little did he know, Olivia had tricks up her sleeve, too- she hires a guard and has Tom brutally stabbed.

In the White House Mellie is gaining her old self back by doing press conferences on U.S. topics. At one point she confronts Fitz about the old Mellie being back and hands him the phone, with Liv on the other end telling him that they need to meet up. She has a recording of Tom telling her Papa Pope placed the orders for Fitz’s son to be killed and why, and in the end, both Fitz and Liv pay Jake a visit.

Will Fitz, Jake, and Liv team up to bring Papa Pope down!? Tune in next week to #ScandalThursday and find out.

Meashel Monique