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Kim Kardashian: Get me out of here

Young Thug‘s breakout hit, “Danny Glover,” later re-named to “2 B*****s” upon being officially released to iTunes and Spotify, has been out for over a year, but that clearly means nothing to Kanye West and Theophilus London, who are seen in the above clip turning up to the record at Theophilus London’s “Vibes” release party at Soho House in New York. This isn’t the first time we’ve seen Kanye get crazy to “Danny Glover” either. Last year, he got caught on video enjoying himself to the song (below). The funniest part of the most recent clip, is the fact that as Kanye and Theophilus turn up, Kim Kardashian looks like she’d rather be anywhere but there in that very moment. C’mon Ye, the rule of thumb here is you’ve got to teach your girl the lyrics to all the bangers. Presumably, he didn’t have time. His new album is expected to be released next year (or this year if he’s been studying Beyonce‘s marketing schemes lately) and North is now a full-blown fashion icon and she needs the attention of her home team at all times. That being said, we can’t wait to see what Thug and Ye cooked up that time Thug went to Kanye’s house and made two records.