They say a bit of lunacy and a bit of sadness makes up every comedian.  Could Andy Dick just be sharing his many sides?

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Los Angeles Police recently confirmed to the Hollywood Reporter that famed Road Trip actor and beloved star of his own MTV show, Andy Dick, was arrested November 7, 2014 for alleged grand theft.

Apparently, Dick pulled the old childhood prank of, “Let me see that!” to psych out his prey and took a five finger discount instead.


A little after 11 p.m. that Friday night, Dick seemed to spot a necklace he just had to have around the neck of a stranger who was walking down Hollywood Boulevard.   TMZ reports that the actor smooth rolled up on his alleged victim on a bicycle; asked to “see” the necklace; and when the unsuspecting man handed him the jewelry, Andy Dick took off.

Now in addition to drug possession and sexual battery, Andy Dick can add grand theft to his arrest record.  Hopefully, he’ll be able to use some of those Dancing with the Stars skills to maneuver his way out of this one.

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