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Brooklyn federal prosecutor Loretta Lynch was nominated for Attorney General Saturday by President Obama. He described her as “tough, fair and independent.”


“It’s pretty hard to be more qualified for this role than Loretta,” the President stated at a White House news conference. “She’s not about the flash, she’s about the substance.”

If approved by the Senate, Lynch, 55, would become the first black woman to become the nation’s No. 1 prosecutor.

“Loretta’s spent her life fighting for fair and equal justice,” Obama said. “I can think of no better public servant to be our next attorney general.”

Lynch stood alongside with the president with resigning Attorney General Eric Holder to Obama’s left at the news conference.

Jim Watson/AFP/Getty images

Jim Watson/AFP/Getty images

“Today I stand before you so thrilled and frankly so humbled to have this opportunity to lead this wonderful group of people,” said Lynch.

“Mr. President, thank you again for the faith that you have placed in me. I will work every day to safeguard our citizens, our liberties and our rights.”

Lynch’s husband and her two step-children were also present during the brief conference meeting.

“Loretta might be the only lawyer in America who battles mobsters and drug lords and terrorists and still has the reputation for being a people person,” the president said.

The best of luck to you Loretta Lynch.


– Sherley Boursiquot