All it will take is an elite quarterback, according to the legend

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Randy Moss enjoyed 14 seasons as an NFL player, and even during the final, largely unproductive years of his career, he remained one of the league’s most feared wide receivers. He began his pro career with 6 consecutive 1,000 yard seasons, and amassed over 15,000 yards and 156 touchdowns in a decade-and-a-half of some very high level football. While most thought once Moss left Minnesota his best days were behind him, catching balls from Tom Brady proved to be rejuvenating, and Moss enjoyed the single best year of his career in 2007, catching 98 passes for 1,493 yards and 23 touchdowns. Towards the end of his career, while most teams passed on the opportunity to sign him, Moss inked a 1-year deal with the 49ers and proved to be effective with them as well, clocking in at just under 500 receiving yards despite only starting 2 games.

The lesson here is, when your gut tells you to write off Randy Moss, don’t. So, when the 37-year old 1st-ballot hall of famer says he’s considering coming out of retirement to play with an elite quarterback like Peyton Manning, he shouldn’t be taken lightly. The Broncos are already one of the most dangerous teams in football, and adding Moss to their wide receiver ranks would only make the AFC Championship race that less tight. We understand why the prospect of playing with an elite quarterback would be enticing to Moss. In his 15 year career, he only caught balls from one quarterback that anyone would consider to be “elite”–Tom Brady. Dante Culpepper was more than adequate, but had a penchant for throwing interceptions, and some would say Moss’ 1,005 yard season in Oakland was achieved despite having a declining Kerry Collins at quarterback.