I’m supposed to be a U.S. Senator and we sittin’ here talkin’ bout practice

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Allen Iverson is one of the most iconic and talented basketball players the NBA has ever come across. He was out of the headlines a total of zero times during his 17 year NBA career, be it for the right or the wrong reasons, but he was beloved by the city of Philadelphia, which is where he signed a 1-year deal in 2009 to ensure that he retired a member of the 76ers. Now that he’s entering his 5th year of retirement, it appears the city loves him no less than when he brought them to the NBA Finals in 2001. According to CSN Philly Allen Iverson appeared on the ballot for U.S. Senator more than 1 time as a write-in during this past Election Day, in addition to an appearance from Chip Kelly, the Eagles’ current coach. Obviously, these anomalies have no bearing on the end result, which counts way more votes than the few that Iverson got, but it’s still something awesome to think about. Imagine Iverson addressing the Senate House during deliberations or voting on whether a bill should pass or be vetoed. Priceless.