Don’t sleep on the indie artists…

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Discovering new music is an exciting way to learn about new cultures, cities and lifestyles. Across the entertainment industry, there are various sub-genres of hip-hop and rap with many artists you’ve never heard of offering a view into a lifestyle or perspective that can influence you. Indie artists can share an unfiltered story without the creative screen of corporate dollars or A&R pressure. Take a break from the mainstream with Podgy Smith.

Podgy Smith, Atlanta-based rapper/songwriter whose latest song, “Time Capsule” is the latest from a crop of Atlanta talents hoping to bring back “Old Atlanta”. Think Big Gipp, Cee-Lo, etc. With varying flow patterns and unorthodox song arrangements, Podgy seems to have a lot of potential.


Podgy isn’t really a newcomer. In June 2011, he released his debut project, “To The Memories”. Followed by, “Get Used To Me” in fall 2011. “Get Used To Me” was well received and featured the single “My Roof”; which received rotation on various stations in the south, along with plays on MusicChoice. Lastly, Spring 2013 hosted Podgy’s  third project titled, “Bright Nights and Dark Days: Tears of Gold”.

Right now, Podgy is currently pushing the single, “Time Capsule” from the upcoming project “Moments”, scheduled for 1st quarter 2015. What do you think about “Time Capsule”? Pump it or dump it? Share your thoughts with us!

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