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Quite understandable

Tyler, The Creator‘s obsession with Pharrell‘s musically gifted N.E.R.D. collective is one of the most publicized fan of a fan stories in the industry. About a year ago, during an interview with the Los Angeles Leakers, Tyler revealed how insane he felt when he first heard “Tape You,” a song from N.E.R.D’s In Search Of… album, on the radio in 2002. 12 years later, Tyler is a critically-acclaimed rapper with a not-going-anywhere fanbase, and a record with Pharrell, “IFHY,” that was on several Song of the Year short lists in 2013. So, the above clip, which features Tyler, The Creator with his face in his hands, crying as Pharrell is joined on stage by the rest of N.E.R.D. to perform “Rock Star,” which is also from In Search Of…, and remains one of the most popular N.E.R.D. songs ever.


Talk about full circle.