Need motivation for your Monday morning? Let’s get it going with #JeezySaid…

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Jeezy is the ultimate public speaker. Well, he could be. Comparable to a Les Brown, Brian Tracy; Jeezy is a certified street evangelist with endless stories of hustle and grind. Over the weekend,  Young Jeezy spoke to a group of juvenile prisoners at a Detroit detention center. Jay Jenkins spoke heavily on “second chances”, but for those who were finding it troubling that The Snowman was in a capacity to inspire and motivate, despite his prior lifestyle of choice, let us all be reminded that Jeezy’s discography has great potential to create the ultimate inspirational album. 

Below are 7 Jeezy songs that are guaranteed to get you off your tail and on your hustle in under 4 minutes. What are your favorite Jeezy lyrics? Tweet them to us at #JeezySaid.


Lets get it! Yeaahhhhhhh!


7.   Trap Star / Go Crazy (2005)

The 3rd single off Young Jeezy’s, Thug Motivation 101, “Trap Star”, produced by Mr. Collipark was definitely an anthem to getting money and living the life. Has it really been almost 10 years since this jam? We get 2-for-1 with this one, as Crazy comes on before the video wraps up. Georgia Power still won’t give a n*gga lights free.


6.      And Then What (2005)

Boom, boom, clap! This was the world’s  first major introduction to Young Jeezy with the legendary production boss Mannie Fresh. “And Then What” was the first single from Jeezy’s Dej Jam solo album, Thug Motivation 101. If you can remember this #TBT joint, then you know how it can get you pumped once the beat drops. “And Then What” was #2 on the Billboard 200, selling 172,000 copies in its first week and was later certified Platinum by the RIAA.


5.       Go Getta feat. R. Kelly (2007)

Kells and Jeezy? Hit. Did you know this song was recently retired NY Yankee Derek Jeter’s entrance song in 2007? If this motivated Jeter, (ahem, THE greatest baseball shortstop to ever grace the field) play it now and see what it can do for you.


3.       Four Zones (2014)

#JeezySaid: “I hope my hustle don’t offend nobody”…  Arguably the best song on the “Seen It All” album, Jeezy shares here about all he needs to re-up and get back on top. What does this mean for everyone else? Take advantage of your skills and talents, figure out how to make it grow, stay committed and focused and watch your efforts become fruitful.

“If you a real hustler you gon’ get that, he ain’t get it

If you a real hustler you know how to stay committed

Between me and you got tired of sleepin’ with them roaches

And I been havin’ flashbacks, that’s why a n*gga focused”


2.       I Luv It (2006)

Produced by DJ Toomp, “I Luv It” was the first single from Jeezy’s second album, The Inspiration.


1.       Put On (2008)

Nominated for a Grammy award in 2009 for Best Rap Performance, and winning the  BET Hip Hop Award for People’s Champ as well as the BET Hip Hop Award for Best Collaboration, Duo; with Kanye West on the track, “Put On” is the ultimate turn-up for any hustle, whether you’re a corporate financier or finding other ways to get to it on your own. End of the day, the goal is to make your circle and city proud. Represent.


Thank you Jeezy for 10 years of thug hustle. Now, go get to it.