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All due respect to Matthew McConaughey

Leonardo Dicaprio‘s latest blockbuster, Wolf of Wall Street, made a big splash last holiday season, and is already being regarded as one of his best all-time works, which is more than likely the reason he was nominated for his fourth Academy Award this past spring. While the entire film world is up in arms at Dicaprio not having an Academy Award yet, he can at least say the people he lost to were equally deserving: Tommy Lee Jones, Jamie Foxx, Matthew McConaughey and Forest Whitaker–all top flight actors. In honor of Dicaprio’s 40th birthday, which is today, we decided to re-visit one of the standout moments from Wolf of Wall Street. His invigorating inspirational speech to his staff of stock brokers that, on mute, could pass for a Mick Jagger impersonation. We’re approaching WoWS‘s 1st birthday, but don’t miss Dicaprio too much, he’ll be back soon. His new film, The Revenant–a western film about a man out for revenge after being robbed and left to die by his companions–is expected to be released Christmas 2015.