“Nintendo is all about invention and reinvention and bringing Nintendo magic to consumers.”

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While there’s often hoopla surrounding the latest video-game cosigned by everyone’s favorite music artist or celebrity just because, Nintendo brings us back to the good ol’ days where you continuously innovate a solid, brand-backed product.


Think about it, with humble beginnings as a playing card company seeking new ventures over a century ago, the storied Japanese electronics company made it’s way to the top of the video-game totem poll.

One of the newest games on their latest console proves this point. According to Nintendo, the latest edition of Super Smash Bros. set a Wii U record with pre-sales. It serves as much of an accomplishment, too. With the bar set high for the future of classic gaming, the sales of not only the game itself, but also the console have finally brought more life to the classic characters.

Gameplay for Super Smash Bros. for Wii U redefines Nintendo. Aside from the update in graphics that comes along with each next generation game console, Nintendo ups the ante this go-round by including almost every character associated with them. Whereas the first and former (brawl) installments of the series included 12 and 39 characters, respectively, the Wii U is set to feature over 50 options to choose from.

In addition to the seemingly infinite array of characters to choose from, exclusively on the Wii U players can now play 8-player smash. There is also another very cool way to play as well, with amiibo.

Essentially, amiibo are character figures that allow you to connect directly to your amiibo-compatible games. Super Smash Bros for Wii U can read your amiibo and transform them into what are call “figure players” that will join the battle with–or against–you.

Certainly a game changer for all parties involved. amiibo let’s you take your game with you.

Jamaal Fisher (@jamaalfisher)