Bodega Bamz sets the internet ablaze with his new single – “El Rey.”

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Update 11/17/14: Video Now Available, check it out here


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Riding off the success of his 2012 mixtape, Strictly 4 My P.A.P.I.Z., the New York-bred, half-Dominican/half-Puerto-Rican rapper Bodega Bamz dropped his newest single to rave reviews from his fans.

El-Rey”gives a taste of Bodega’s forthcoming debut album, Sidewalk Exec. With its modest but clean production value, the track harkens back to an older era of hip hop, when simple beats and efficient hooks underscored vivid lyricism.

Bodega has won his growing throng of followers with a gritty flow and authentic references rooted in Latin culture.  His unabashed pride for his heritage and inner city upbringing resonates deeply with his working class disciples. He tells tales of his street life with aimless braggadocio and an el barrio twang.

Often comparing himself to a Christ-like persona, like in his video for “P.A.P.I.,” which places him an allegorical scene from the Last Supper, Bodega clearly reckons himself to be a god among men.  We’ve seen his brand of pseudo-divinity before from the likes of Kanye and Nas. Although he’s far from taking the throne based off his lyrics alone, his perspective fills a gaping hole for Latino representation in hip hop.

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