Pitbull Prepares For The Release Of His New Album

During Hip-Hop History Month Entitled “Globalization”

                      Pitbull Globalization

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Some Say Artist Is Ready To Address Poverty, Education, Gun & Gang  Violence Through The “GLOBALIZATION MOVEMENT”

Pitbull’s quest to dominate the world will become a reality on November 24, 2014 when he releases his 8th studio album “GLOBALIZATION.”  The “Fireball” rapper recently unveiled the artwork, which has a global look.  Pitbull’s face is being portrayed as the planet Earth, while he rocks a tuxedo.  If there is an artist out there ready to take over the world, Pitbull has to be the one.  He has been preparing for this for this journey for quite a while and it is now his time to dominate the world.  But how is he going to make that happen?


Well the Hip-Hop Summit Youth Council has been talking with Pitbull’s people for over a year now about having the artist join our efforts at the United Nations, along with “The Shark” Daymond John and Power 105.1, to address a host of issues including: Poverty, Education, Global Warming, Gun & Gang Violence in Latin America and Immigration Reform in the United States.  With his involvement in these issues he will become an “Ambassador for Global Justice” ready to lead where others have failed.  “It Takes an Entire Village to Raise a Child” and through GLOBALIZATION we can all jump in and play a role in making this a safer and better world for our children.  This is Hip-Hop’s time to shine and as we celebrate Hip-Hop History Month and the 40 year anniversary of the culture the release of Pitbull’s album could not have come at a better time as we prepare for the holiday season.

Young people need hope and Pitbull is a shining example of how you can succeed through hard work, respect for family, friends and taking care of communities worldwide.  Poverty and illiteracy are the root causes of gun and gang violence.  If we can provide a quality education to our children, youth and young adults they will have the tools, skills and resources to succeed in life.  Stated the rapper “There’s no way you could tackle any obstacle or any issue around the world if you’re not educated.”  Three of Pitbull’s six children attend charter schools.  He stated at the National Charter School Conference in D.C.  “I’m not just a charter school advocate…I’m a charter school parent, and that makes me one of you.”  Education is the Gateway to success and we applaud Pitbull for launching his new Charter School in Miami named SLAM, or Sports Leadership and Management School, and his commitment to provide a quality education to the less fortunate.  Those are the qualities of a GLOBAL LEADER who is prepared to take the world by storm.

“The simple fact is that teachers have changed my life.  I had a second grade teacher that taught me that yeah, there is a way out…and I had an eleventh grade teacher who taught me to believe in myself…and that’s the same thing I want to do with the kids,” stated Pitbull.  “My mother always told me two of the most dangerous diseases in the world are ignorance and greed,” he recalled.  “That’s why we have to educate. That’s why I fight for it and that’s why I feel it’s the real revolution, ” ended Pitbull.

Pitbull Charter School

Pitbull Charter School

There is a correlation between Education and incarceration and with the release of Pitbull’s new album on the 24th of November he will have an opportunity to show the world his growth and how his “Higher Power” has prepared him to be an “Ambassador for Justice & Equality” for young citizens around world.  Pitbull is one of the few artists out there that truly understands he has a “Social Responsibility” to those living in poor and disadvantaged communities in the US and abroad.  After 7 Albums in the can, he is ready to take his show on the road and by walking the walk of Philanthropy and being a Humanitarian “GLOBALIZATION” will take the artist to the top and we are ready to give him a hand because this is what we expect from today’s educated artist.  As you all know, the music industry is not the same.  It’s hard for an artist to go Platinum today, but with the support of the fans and the community it gives them a much better chance.  You can’t use 20th century strategies and expect to win in the 21st century.  You have to have the “Dare to be Different” attitude and we respect Pitbull for his talent and the courage to use his resources to help make a difference in this world.  His mother taught him well and we are there to support his new Album and “Global Mission” to help others in need.

The Album, which is currently being led by the single “Fireball,” features some big name collaborations as Pitbull returns with some of his favorite musicians including Chris Brown (“International Love”) and Jennifer Lopez (“We Are One,” “On the Floor,” “Booty”). He will also be working with Sean Paul, Jason DeRulo, Claudia Leitte, G.R.L., Dr. Luke, Bebe Rexha and more.  In addition, Ne-Yo, who just joined the “Raptivism Movement” to help address gun and gang violence prevention, will reunite with Pitbull for the follow-up to their 2011 chart heater “Give Me Everything” with the feel-good record “Time Of Our Lives.” Mr. Worldwide lines up the shots while Ne-Yo croons on having a good time despite his rent funds being on E. Pitbull’s upcoming album Globalization will make landfall Nov. 24 while Ne-Yo will release “Non-Fiction” early 2015.

For info on Pitbull’s Charter School, Social Agenda and the “Globalization Movement” hit us up at: RandyKFisher@gmail.com.

Posted by Charles and Randy Fisher (Twitter / Instagram / FaceBook @HHSYC).