For Holiday 2014, Stance is proud to introduce the newest installment of the Santigold x Stance collaboration, the “High Points in History” Collection. It features three unique unisex designs: Big Daddy Kane, Egypt and Aliens, and The Chase, each a distinctive facet of a kaleidoscopic collection with something for everyone.

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The ‘High Points in History’ collection is a fascinating trip to a few of the most fashionably inspiring moments in history according to Santi’s brain. It’s like the ‘Bill and Ted’s Excellent Adventure’ of sock design, and just as much fun!

“Each sock has a fashionable theme from the past: Big Daddy Kane with his iconic Hip Hop flare; the top-hat and ascot sporting attire of the hunters on The Chase sock as they perch atop their beautiful horses; and the aliens who possibly helped create the mysterious mind-blowing legacy of beauty, decadence and technology of Ancient Egypt” says Santigold on her inspiration for her sophomore collection of socks.


“We’re thrilled to unveil Santigold’s second collaboration,” said Candy Harris Vice President of Women’s Strategy at Stance. “Her creativity has no limits and the collections personify her personal eclectic style.”

Santi is never afraid to mix color, patterns and textures, a trademark of her collage-style aesthetic, and this collection is no exception. Her hands on approach ensured that each design tells a unique story that truly encapsulates what motivates her as an individual and style influencer.

The second installment of the Santigold sock collection launches early November 2014 and will be available at local retailers and at

Shenae Craig