Look ma, no sleeves

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Last year, NBA fans were not happy when Adidas revealed the models for the Christmas Day jerseys. They looked like soccer jerseys, and very much unlike anything that’s ever been worn in the NBA. This year, it appears fans will be much more satisfied. Adidas just revealed the 2014 Christmas Day jersey models, and the tank tops are back. The simplistic designs are significantly different from your every day NBA jerseys. On the front, the team’s graphic logo is emblazoned on the front rather than the full team or city name, and the player’s number is directly under it, making for a markedly more minimal design. On the back of the jersey, the player’s name is under the number rather than above it, and the jerseys will feature first names as opposed to surnames, i.e. John Wall‘s jersey will say 2, John as pictured above and Kobe Bryant‘s will say 24, Kobe. 

You can see and purchase the full set of Christmas jerseys at the NBA homestead if you’d like. They’ll run you just over $100, but if your favorite team is playing on December 25th, it may very well be worth it.