GTA Online meets “The Town”

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Last week we learned that Rockstar‘s re-release of Grand Theft Auto V will receive an awesome first-person view mode to answer the call of the game’s cult following who’ve begged for this feature for years. Now Rockstar has announced, albeit not a great detail, a new feature called “Online Heist” for the game’s online multiplayer component, GTA Online. If we were to hazard a guess it’d be exactly what we thought the online mode would be, which is robbing banks and pulling off heists with friends online.

Per Rockstar’s official statement:


We know you’re all excited for more Updates to come and we’ve got some really exciting stuff in the works to continue adding to, expanding and evolving the world of Grand Theft Auto Online – including the highly anticipated launch of Online Heists which will be available for all four consoles as the first GTA Online Update to happen after the game launches on PS4 and Xbox One.

Though GTA V was praised overall for it’s major enhancements — visuals, storyline, and in-game physics — GTA Online was the franchise’s crowning achievement, amassing over 33 million players across 224 since it’s release last year according to the Rockstar Newswire. With the record-breaking video game finally making it’s transition to new-generation consoles (PS4, Xbox One) and the introduction of these new features, these numbers will only increase.

Grand Theft Auto V releases on Playstation 4, Xbox One and PC on Nov. 18 and Online Heists will be available for download in the near future.


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