It was a TDE blackout on NBC last night

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Last night, with guest host Woody Harrelson, Kendrick Lamar took to the Saturday Night Live stage for the second time in two years to perform his latest single, “i,”. While most expected the Compton emcee to also perform the song no one’s yet heard but everyone’s talking about, “King Kunta,” that wasn’t the case, as Kendrick opted to bring out his friend and labelmate, Jay Rock, to perform Rock’s “Pay For It,” which is gaining in popularity after its appearance in a Beats By Dre commercial. Kendrick, who appeared to be paying homage to either Method Man or ODB–or both–with a half braided, half-afro haircut, rocked the stage, performing both “i” and “Pay For It” with an energy and fever much like his set with Imagine Dragons at this year’s Grammy Awards. See for yourself.