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Not quite what you think of when you hear “first time”

Now that the recreational use of marijuana is legal in the state of Washington, things are…happening over there. Things like the above video clip, which is a sign of the times as much as it is a hilarious example of what can happen when a little patches of green grass are sprinkled into normal fun activities. The video, produced by The Cut, showcases the three elderly ladies taking bong hits and vaporizer tokes before getting into a game of Jenga and another rather peculiar card game over the course of 45 minutes. Afterwards, they’re asked to express how they feel, and their responses were pretty interesting. One woman admitted that she suddenly didn’t care about what was going on, and another claimed that the muscles in her neck felt much more relaxed than they usually do. The third lady, all the way on the right, basically says her friends are tripping, she’s fine. Which probably means she’s even more intoxicated than they are. There are several levels to the clip, check it out.