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AP airs some post-interview comments from their interview w/ Cosby

Rape allegations have vaguely trailed Bill Cosby for the better part of the past two decades, but thanks to some recent comments from Hannibal Buress, and two brand new rape allegations–one of which came from supermodel Janice Dickinson–Bill Cosby is once again under constant media scrutiny. Amid these new allegations, Cosby has had two television specials cancelled, including an NBC comedy special. Still, he’s continued to press on in his other endeavors, one of them being an interview with the Associated Press about an art exhibit in Washington D.C. Towards the end of the interview, Cosby was given the opportunity to address the recent allegations by an AP correspondent, and declined to comment.


However, at the conclusion of the interview, with AP‘s cameras still rolling, Cosby took it upon himself to ask the correspondent to strike the question-and-answer concerning the allegations from the interview. The correspondent stammered a bit, then told Cosby that he would alert his editor’s of his request, but didn’t look to eager to get rid of what appeared to be–in his mind at least–journalistic gold.

Cosby eventually got another AP employee–not pictured in the interview clip–involved. After her comments, Cosby left it at the following.

If you will just tell your bosses the reason why we didn’t say that up front was because we thought that AP had the integrity to not ask.

You can watch the entire clip above.