Buffalo Bills caught up in ironic blunder.

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Earlier this week, Buffalo, NY was hammered by a massive snow storm that shut down the city and yielded 8 total deaths. The Buffalo Bills organization was steadfast in their sentiments that this Sunday’s Bills-Jets game at Ralph Wilson Stadium will go on as scheduled, even offering fans $10 an hour and game tickets for help with snow removal. With the stadium buried with over 220,000 tons of snow, the mission proved to be a bit too ambitious as the Bills front office has changed their tune, rescheduling the game to Monday in nearby Detroit.


Since the announcement, the Bills have provided a phone number on the team website in order for patrons to inquire about refunds, but mistakenly provided a number to a domestic violence hotline.

Buffalo News:

Information on the Bills Website instructs ticket holders to call 1-877-228-4357.

But that’s actually the phone number for a domestic violence crisis center in Ohio, which has been receiving a barrage of calls from Bills fans.

The center is asking people to stop calling the number because it needs to keep its lines open for people who need their services.

A little over 16 hours later, the listing was finally corrected on the team website. The actually number, which is 1-877-228-4257, was only one digit off. The blunder is made all the more ironic considering the negative publicity the NFL has received since the fallout of the Ray Rice debacle.

The division rivals will square off Monday night at 7 p.m. ET at Ford Field in Detroit.

– @Rocko_CNK