Mike Golic is indeed a man of his word.

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Last week, Mike Golic and Mike Greenberg, hosts of ESPN‘s daily morning show Mike And Mike, placed a wager on the game between their alma maters, Notre Dame (Golic) and Northwestern (Greenberg). Prior to the game, oddsmakers in Vegas listed Notre Dame as heavy favorites, which upped the stakes for Golic if they happened to lose. Per their agreement, if the Fighting Irish were to lose, Golic would be forced to recreate the Kim Kardashian Paper Magazine photo that caused a stir on the Internet last week.

Unfortunately for Golic, Northwestern pulled off an incredible upset, besting Notre Dame 43-40 on the road. This morning, Mike Golic had to make good on his bet. The photo in question can be seen below.


His son, Mike Golic Jr., who is a former Notre Dame offensive lineman and U.S. Army All-American had this to say:

Mike Golic Jr:

“It’s been an interesting morning here to say the least! I certainly commend my dad for being a man of his word, haha, but seeing him get oiled up by my mother was surely something no amount of therapy will be able to cure.”

The photographer, Golic’s wife, chimed in as well.

Unfortunately for America, Mike Golic is a man of his word.