Since the release of King of Brooklyn at the beginning of the year, Maino has stayed consistent at dropping music. Along with working on his King of Brooklyn 2 EP Maino has also been part of a very special project titled Full Court Press Vol. 1. The project features the best artists in hip-hop double-teaming the mic with legendary basketball stars on 9 brand new hard hitting tracks. The content of the songs is family-friendly and filled with messages that are positive & inspirational. Targeting the youth that are fans of Hip-Hop and Basketball, Maino took out a couple of minutes of his time to speak to us about being part of this project as well as when he plans on dropping more music for the masses.

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THE SOURCE: Which team are you most excited about seeing in the play-offs this season?
Maino: Brooklyn. I’m a representer, I live it, I breath it. I’m out here claiming the crown, the king of Brooklyn so why wouldn’t I want them to shine.

THE SOURCE: The project Full Court Press Vol. 1 features a lot of big names in hip-hop and legendary NBA players. Tell us a bit more about the project and the vision behind it.
M: The project is to mesh NBA players with actual rappers. I got put on by it by Cipha Sounds of HOT97. So seeing Iman Shumpert of the Knicks on a track with NY’s own Mase is beautiful.


THE SOURCE: Which NBA player is the best rapper in your opinion?
M: Iman Shumpert. I’ve seen him work and I’ve worked with him and he takes it seriously.

THE SOURCE: The song “Show Out” featuring you, Ma$e, Christ Styles and Iman Shumpert. What was the process like and how was it like working with those artists as well as Iman Shumpert.
M: I got the best verse though. Just to throw that out there. When I got the record Mase and Iman had already done their parts so I did what I had to do.

THE SOURCE: Could you tell us a bit more about the Full Court Press‘ partnership with the ‘nPlay Foundation and the childhood obesity program they are working on?
M: In this country that’s a problem so it deserves to be taken seriously, obesity as a whole is a problem not just child obesity.

THE SOURCE: The focus of this project is mostly on kids who love music and athletes. The content of this project entirely focuses on motivating the youth. Could you elaborate on some of the messages given out?
M: Hip-hop and fans of basketball in the urban community are usually fans of both so to bring that together definitely is inspiring and motivating.

THE SOURCE: Why is there so much emphasis on the content?
M: Because we need to create more opportuniy, to create more heroes in our neighborhoods, the aim is to create good men and women. So this is just a way of giving back.

THE SOURCE: Describe the state of the hip-hop today and what exactly it is doing for the youth?
M: In general, Hip-Hop creates opportunities and is a lane to keep kids from impoverished neighbourhoods from selling drugs and gangbanging.

THE SOURCE: Do you feel that the music industry these days has to not just focus on making party music but also focus on sending productive and inspirational messages to the kids who listen to hip-hop?
M: Unfortunately, a lot of that is part of the culture. Personally I like to party and create inspirational music. My single “Dreamer” with French Montana and B.O.B. is an example of aspirational music to illustrate to the youth that everyone has dreams and we can do whatever we wanna do. We can become successful because it starts with a dream but you can party as well. I would classify that as inspirational party music.

THE SOURCE: How did the fans take in “I’m a champion” and “Airtime”? Do you feel it is getting a lot of great feedback?
M: I think the project as a whole has been getting a whole lot of support. I’m pleased.

THE SOURCE: What’s the next single dropping from the project?
M: I’m not a 100% sure but “Militant” is probably it with a revolutionary cover with a great reference.

THE SOURCE: Do you know when the project is actually coming out?
M: November 25th.

THE SOURCE: Other than this project what else are you working on?
M: My own project, the first single like I said is “Dreamer”. But “Militant” will be huge as well.

THE SOURCE: 5 goals for 2015:
M: I just wanna go into the new year strong, putting out two projects, putting out dope music, continuing to build my brand.

THE SOURCE: Any plan for touring?
M: Me and Nick are in the process of putting something together right now so expect that.

Stream Maino’s single “Militant” featuring O Wave HERE and stay tuned for his King of Brooklyn 2 dropping on November 25. As for the Full Court Press Vol. 1 project that is set to release on December 9, but for now, stream the second single “Airtime” Featuring Future, Sean Garrett, Rocko & Toronto Raptor’s Lou Williams below.

Full Track List:

1) “Airtime” feat. Future, Sean Garrett, Rocko, Lou Williams
2) “I’m A Champion” feat. T-Pain, Dorrough, Shawn Marion and Young Cash
3) “Go Hard” feat. Bun B, Stephen Jackson
4) “Oh Yeah” feat. Snoop Dogg, The Game, Joe Smith, Lamar Odom
5) “ShowOut” feat. Mase, Iman Shumpert, Chris Styles, Maino
6) “Bang ‘Em Down Low” feat. Soulja Boy, Glen Big Baby Davis, Maurice “Mo” Pete
7) “Winning Streak” feat. Twista, Willie Taylor, Carlos Boozer
8) “Bang Hard On ‘Em” feat. Trevor Ariza, Gudda Gudda, Birdman, Silk The Shocker
9) “We Hoopin (Yea Boy)” feat. Royce Da 5’9”, Charlie Villanueva

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