NYC’s favorite food cart now has a storefront location.

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If you’ve been to New York City in the past 10 years, you know that halal carts have swept the city and replaced the beloved hot dog stand.  Among these new stands, the fan favorites are The Halal Guys, often referred to as “the best street food in NYC.”  Their infamous cart is located on 53rd and 6th Avenue, where you’ll see a long line of club-goers, blue collar workers, and even NYPD officers at all hours of the day and night.

These food-cart favorites will remain in their landmark location while opening a new location in the East Village, where they will expand to an official storefront location, The Halal Guys restaurant.


Located at 307 E 14th street and 2nd avenue, replacing an old deli, The Halal Guys will finally have a warm sit down joint for New Yorkers to enjoy this winter.  Just don’t be suprised if the line is still around the corner.

Syed Mikhail Hussain is fan of all things NYC and Hip Hop. Winner of the sperm race back in ’89. Follow him on Instagram or Twitter at @swishthis.